Announcing the release of our new single Let Me In! 

“Let Me In” is the second single off of the new EP “Eh Voila!” and it is about as “Pop” as anything we’ve released to date. It’s even 3 minutes long (3:04 to be exact), that’s how radio friendly it is! 🙂 

In lieu of a proper music video (in the works), we chose to do a lyric video to promote the single.  Along with the words, we included a montage of stills, concert posters and album covers from the past 10 years that we’ve been releasing music as The Ever After. Yup, that’s right, it’s been 10 years since the first TEA album was recorded and released from a pencil factory in Greenpoint,  Brooklyn.  

Thanks to all of you that have been there from the beginning, supporting us and digging the music. As any who have tried must surely know, it’s quite a challenge to make and release music independently. Right now we are having issues showing up in music related searches (google, facebook, spotify, etc.) so any likes, subscribes or comments would be terrific. And if you would like to support us monetarily (also greatly appreciated) consider purchasing our latest EP “Eh Voila!”

Big thanks as well to all the fine musicians past and present who contributed their talents to this project. Thanks to Scott Solter at Box Harp for the excellent mix, Steven Raets at Bunker Sound for the great master and to all the photographers whose pictures show up in this video including Liana Pare, Stacy Lee, Khoa Tran, Michael Alan Scheffler, Sanyi Szabo and Hamza Kubba.

We hope you enjoy the new single and stay tuned for more great music!

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