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Join the contest to win a free download of Take Two and an elegant TEA shirt.

The Ever After is pleased to announce that after almost 8 years since it’s original release in 2013, their original EP Take One has gotten an upgrade and is being re-released with new artwork and lyrics. This new album is aptly entitled Take Two and features remastered versions of the 4 songs from the original EP. 

The album was taken down when we switched digital distributors in 2015 and it has been unavailable since then. Upon later listening it was decided that – with a nice new mastering job – it sounds good enough to warrant a re-release. Take Two contains alternate takes of tracks like “Unity”, “This River” and “It’s All Right” which all appeared on other The Ever After releases and might be of interest to fans of these songs who want to hear the alternate takes. 

For the time being Take Two will be available exclusively through our website. Buying a copy is a great way to show support for the group and is much appreciated.  We are looking in to distributing the album through other online portals, streaming and download sites. We’ll let you know more as it evolves.

Join the contest to win a free download of Take Two and an elegant TEA shirt.

We have a lot of new material to get out but much of it is not ready for the prime time so these refurbished songs will have to do for the time being. 

Over the next few weeks we’ll be promoting the songs on social media and elsewhere with lyric videos and possibly a contest. If you haven’t already, please follow us on your favorite social media platform (links below) and please share them with your friends. 

We hope you enjoy the songs!

Listen to samples of Take Two:

Track 1: Unity
Track 2: It’s All Right
Track 3: This River
Track 4: The Doll