The Reviews Are In

We are really pleased to announce some very positive reviews for our latest EP Take Two. Check them out below:

In the new EP Take Two, The Ever After offer up a lush, melodic take on the hybridity of contemporary alternative rock that rivals some of the best content I’ve heard from the mainstream and American underground the same. Although steeped in intricacies that place its core aesthetics outside the realm of pop conventionality, Take Two is an inventive work that doesn’t leave me bored (nor feeling overwhelmed by its grandeur)

Garth Thomas, Hollywood Digest

Duality is a profound theme in Take Two, as the title of the record would suggest, but it’s never realized in a manner that leaves the audience feeling disengaged with the artistic process. Simply put, it’s like watching an album deconstruct and reassemble before us in a condensed, more stirring form than we would have known it in beforehand. This EP has an old soul, but its statements are objective and relevant to the here and now.

Mark Drurey, Indie Shark