The Ever After

Take Two Streaming Now!

Streaming now at these fine places

The Ever After is happy to announce that Take Two is now available to stream on most of the major streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer. 

Click here to see all the places Take Two is available and pick your favorite flavor. 

As we are in the official release cycle for this album it greatly helps us out if we get more traction from the start so please give Take Two a play, like or subscribe on your chosen platform. Even better – add it to your playlists! The Ever After greatly appreciates it and we think you’ll enjoy the music.

And the Winners Are…

Check out the Lyric Video for It’s All Right

It’s been a full week since Take Two has been available for streaming and if you haven’t taken a listen yet there is no time like the present. You’ll surely enjoy it. 

In other news, the random drawing to see which lucky mailing-listers will win a free download and TEA shirt has been completed and the results are in. Congratulations to Tony from New York, Josh from Virginia and Maureen in Massachusetts. Your shirts are on the way. 

Also, there is a new lyric video for It’s All Right. This is an old song that doesn’t get played much anymore but it’s message still rings true: It can be hard to give up things you love even when they are hurting you.