The Ever After

Going to San Francisco with an aching in our hearts

The Ever After has been off the radar for a bit as we locate to the foggy hills of San Francisco. There should be some more news and hopefully music and shows by the new year. Meanwhile, please enjoy this photo of my newest purchase – a 2006 cream colored American Strat – which I got from Caruso Instruments in New London, CT. It looks a bit like the strat that Hendrix played at Woodstock (except the ebony fretboard).  If I were Clapton I might be tempted to call it Creamy but I’m not so I won’t 😉 I used to have a strat that I played exclusively in my late teens and early 20’s. I loved it dearly and stupidly traded it for a fine guitar but I would have preferred to have held on to it. Ah, to be young and poor.


I met an amp maker named Michael Whitney at Caruso’s and tried a bunch of his excellent amps. Apparently Mr. Whitney is opening up a shop in New London in the early New Year where he will be selling his fine amplifiers. Definitely worth checking them out – they sound great. I hope to make it back and purchase one myself. Ok, bye for now, Andreas


2006 American Strat