Show with new Trio at Zaz Bar on Aug 11th

We are pleased to announce our next performance as a trio on Aug 11th at Zaz bar. It will feature Dre Blach on guitar/vox, Jackson Jaojoby on bass/vox and Martin Plante on drums. Melissa Major will be singing her catchy songs to get the evening started.

See you Friday for an evening of dancing and revelry.

TEA at Zaz bar on Aug 11

Kevin California & The Ever After live at Piranha Bar on Aug 11, 2016

KC & TEA at Piranha Bar The Ever After is teaming up with Kevin California for an exciting event at Piranha Bar on Aug 11th. The evening is being hosted by Vendetta Management and Entertainment and is featuring a bunch of local talent and visiting band Western Education from Boston.

Kevin and I will be doing a live band affair with a mash up of our best material in a provocative mix for all the dreamers out there. It’s going to be a blast and you are all cordially invited. $8 in advance (we’ve got tickets), $10 at the door. We will see you there!

KickDrum Winter Marathon – Jan. 14th-15th-16th

The Ever After is going to play a set on Friday Jan 14th at 1pm at Le Depanneur Cafe (206 Bernard St West) as part of the KickDrum Winter Marathon which is going on from Thurs Jan 14th to Sat Jan 16th. You can check out more about the event on Facebook and also check out more about KickDrum here.

We love to see that people are out trying to make things happen on these long cold winter days. Good on you!

Another Residency at Le Depanneur Cafe

Andreas is excited to be playing another residency at Le Depanneur Cafe (206 rue Bernard West)! Starting in December and going through February he will be playing an hour set every Friday at 1pm. If you like relaxed acoustic music in a warm environment with good food and drink then you should come by some Friday and check out his set.

Le Depanneur Cafe

Videos from the Casa Del Popolo show

We had a great time playing at Casa Del Popolo the other night with Bound and Tethered and Scott Moffat. It is truly a pleasure to play at a venue that is so well organized and operated – everything from the ambiance and decor, to the people that work there, to the sound man Steve, is top rate! You can just tell it is a venue owned and operated by musicians who actually care.

Aside from the great venue we were also really pleased to be playing with some excellent other musicians. Scott Moffat was a last minute addition to the bill  so I didn’t really know what to expect but the man can sing and play guitar. And really good songs too. Unbeknownst to me (being somewhat ignorant of a lot of canadian pop culture references), he was also in a very successful pop/rock band which you can read all about here. Well what do you know!

I would like to give a big thank you to Bound and Tethered who played and sang beautifully and also helped out with a lot of the production for the evening. Chris See Hoye put together the lovely poster and was a big help all around. Chris and Stefanie write really good songs together and they are a lot of fun to watch. I see they are playing at Casa again on Nov 15th – I can highly recommend it!

Finally, thanks to Aude Lavier and Dominic Lanteigne on drums and bass respectively for turning what was supposed to be a solo set in to an energetic trio rock out. With only a rehearsal and a half we managed to get it done! And here is the video to prove it 🙂



The Ever After with Bound and Tethered @ Casa Del Popolo on Sept 3, 2015

The Ever After are excited to be playing their very first show at the iconic Casa Del Popolo in Montreal on Thursday, Sept 3rd 2015 with special guest Bound and Tethered. Come out for an evening of ethereal sights and sounds, including the first official public playing of Andreas’s new electronic project The Resident Alien. $5 in advance. $7 at the door. Special Guest to be announced.

Show on Friday July 24th with Mellow Lilly and Eric Sandmark & His Rumblers!

We are excited to be playing what is sure to be a fun show on Friday, July 24th at the Bar St. Denis (6966 Rue Saint-Denis, Montréal) with two other great acts: Mellow Lilly and Eric Sandmark and his Rumblers. 

Mellow Lilly is a really good singer/songwriter from way up north in Rouyn, QC who we had the pleasure of meeting during the YES Art Expo in March. Check her out at

Eric Sandmark and his Rumblers are a high energy ol’ time rock n’ roll band that is sure to get the dance floor moving. You can check them out live here: Eric Sandmark & His Rumblers

$5 at the door. Hope to see you at the Bar St. Denis on July 24th!