A New Album is in the works!

We are excited to announce that we’ve started working on a new album of original TEA material. There are 4 songs already laid down and we are rehearsing the next batch now. The goal is to release the album in the spring and to have a big old launch affair.

While the entire track list hasn’t been solidified yet we can say that it will feature the following tune (previously only played live)


Oh Dear! available on CD Baby

The first album recorded as The Ever After called Oh Dear!  from 2009 has recently been re-released on CD Baby.  It’s 9 songs of original acoustic music with elements of blues, folk, bossa and classical. It was entirely self-funded and independently released – in fact Andreas did all the recording, mixing and mastering himself (which was probably not a good idea, in retrospect 🙂 ) It’s a piece of TEA history though and you can check it out here.

Oh Dear! by The Ever After

The Resident Alien

Andreas has just released a new album of electronic music for his project The Resident Alien. It’s 8 tracks of downtempo EDM with elements of Drum n Bass and Trance. There is a photo associated with each track depicting a typical day in the life of The Resident Alien.

You can check out the music and photos on the Resident Alien Website. Along with the album release, Andreas is hosting a crowdfunding campaign to recoup the expenses for producing and distributing the album. Check out the music and please consider supporting Andreas’s new album!

Below is the photography entitled Civic Duty from the album

The Resident Alien - Civic Duty